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Large room of computer servers that need IT support


What We Do.

Say goodbye to the Square Peg and Round Hole IT method. Say Hello to the Red Stapler Method.

You won’t see any formulaic packages requiring you to choose services out of the scope of your needs, and no excess associated fees. We work with you to build a unique plan – tailored specifically to your business. Businesses from Boston MA to Concord CT (and everywhere in between) are discovering a new kind of Managed Service Provider with our IT Consulting. Here’s the highlights of what you can choose from when working with us.

Let us Staple IT for you.

VCIO Services

Technology Consutant pointing at computer


 Business Planning

 Technical Planning

​✔ Litigation Services

Mobile Device Management

Solutions Management

 Full Network Documentation

 Network Topology & Mapping

✔ Application Tracking Systems Management

✔ Business Policy and Procedure 

 Digital Architecture


Multi-year Technology Roadmap

✔ 5 Year CapEx & OpEx Budget

 Annual Network Remediation Report

Image by Marten Newhall

Vendor Management

✔ Contract Management & Renewals

✔ Bills Assessment

 RFP Build-Out and Oversight

 Managing Relationships & Deliverables

laptop mobile cell phone

Internal IT Management

  Internal IT Department Build Out

 Hiring Management 

✔ Team Training 

✔ Architect Process & Procedures   Build Knowledgebases

 Formalize Documentation

Digital or remote workspace IT support

Digital Workspace Management

 Communications / Collaboration Tools

 Mobile Device Management

✔ Productivity Devices

Security & Compliance

Assesments Checklist






Heart made out of computer parts


 Backup and Recovery

 Endpoint Protection

 Security Assessment

 InfoSec Implementation

multiple locks keep offices secure

Physical Security

✔ Security Assessment

 Camera Systems

 Door / Lock Systems

 Alarm Systems

 Wiring and Cabling

Operational Services

Image by Helena Lopes

Technical Services


 Managed IT Services

 Remote Workplace

✔ Training

 Reporting & Analytics

Image by Ady TeenagerInRO



 SaaS Solutions

 Phone Systems

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