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Who We Are.

You won’t see any formulaic packages requiring you to choose services out of the scope of your needs, and no excess associated fees. We work with you to build a unique plan – tailored specifically to your business. Here’s the highlights of what you can choose from when working with us.

Chess King to show Red Stapler It Consulting is king of IT Support

What makes Red Stapler IT Consulting unique?

We don’t just build a strategy and recommendations, we execute. We use our experience to source and implement the right solutions, securing reliable vendors -  so you can optimize your business’ 2nd biggest investment for your 1st biggest investment – your staff.

Our Mission

Bring Personality and Care back to IT. In the recent years, technology vendors and support have created a round hole, square peg situation. Businesses are forced to forgo their unique qualities to fit into prefab support models with minimal or meaningless engagement. We decided it was time to help our communities and the ever evolving IT Support industry, and Red Stapler IT Consulting was born. 

gears connecting to show IT Support connecting clients to Technology Experts
Ideas and techniques of Red Stapler IT Consulting gives your company the IT Support it needs

Our Approach:

Become part of your team. Learn your business from the ground up. Implement techniques to hold their vendors accountable, strengthen the right relationships and source new relationships where needed. Implement the right solutions that fit your immediate needs and provide the scalability for the future.  Give your team the tools, confidence, and education to succeed today and tomorrow.

Do you have your Red Stapler?

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